Team / Partners

Stratos Gotzaridis

Stratos was born in Kommotini in 1962. He truly believes in the idea of snail farming, so much, that he placed his complete trust in his colleagues and invested in the company thus enabling the construction of one of the biggest snail farms in the country. He is actively involved in the strategic planning at onefoot and promotes our product at every opportunity.

He is a successful ocular surgeon by profession, with studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK and the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary of Harvard’s Medical School in Boston, USA. Still, this has not prevented him from developing a special relationship with nature and agricultural activities. He loves his family and long drives.

Agis Antoniou

Agis was born in Loutraki in 1960. He is responsible for breeding our snails at onefoot. He is so enthusiastically committed to his job that he could probably identify each individual snail, ensuring that they grow properly and are fed regularly. He often fondly links the snails to children.

Agis studied at Evelpidon Military Academy and retired at the rank of Brigadier General by the Greek Army, which he served with great success and dedication. Now, he employs his military capabilities at the onefoot snail farm, serving with the rank of “Dad”; a nickname he acquired due to his caring nature, especially towards the snails!

Apart from snails, he adores his family, Greek history and motorcycles.

Lambros Liaskovitis

Lambros was born in Athens in 1981. He is responsible for the commercial activity and financial management of onefoot. He is also responsible for the education and training programmes. For this reason he invests a substantial amount of time on his own personal education and training in the world of snails with frequent trips overseas in order to keep up with international developments in the field.

Before becoming involved in onefoot, his main professional activity was investment management on behalf of shipping groups and banking institutions. His studies are also related to this field with a degree in Business Economics in England and then an MBA at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Even though he comes from a completely technocratic background, he is also a great nature lover, and feels like home when at the bottom of the sea.

Team / Partners

An integral part of our team is our partners. Our partnerships ensure that we provide the best quality in the snail market.

Cretan Snails

“Epigefsi – The Snails Experts” is a Cretan company established in 2008. The initial activity involved the construction of snail farms and snail farming counseling. Through years of hard work, they have developed an extended network of snail farms throughout Greece. The next business step is the development of complementary activity such as snail processing and packaging.

Epigefsi operates in an exceptional snail processing plant. They purchase snails from Greek farmers and produce snail based products of premium quality and taste. They cooperate with highly skilled professionals of the food processing sector such as Food Scientists, Chefs and Marketers aiming at best customer satisfaction.

Taking under consideration the modern market needs for nutritional and balanced diet in combination with tradition, Epigefsi produces innovative snail based products based on traditional recipes and quality raw material.

Some of their products are manufactured using onefoot’s snails.

Antigny Nutrition

Antigny Nutrition leads the market on a pan-European level, in snail aliment and is a member of one of the biggest groups producing animal feed, Group Cavac. The factory producing snail feed is located in Berton, France.

The recipe for the feed produced by Antigny Nutrition is a result an extensive, of over twenty years research in collaboration with the largest research centers for breeding and agricultural activity, in France.

Centre de Formation Chateaufarine C.F.P.P.A

The national training centre in Chateaufarine, France, is specialized in training for agricultural production. For the last 18 years it runs a snail farming educational department, which is considered to be the top in the country and attracts students from all over France and other European countries.

The lecturers at Chateaufarine aim at maintaining their relationships with existing and prospect snail farmers, in order to collect data for their research and develop their teaching potential. Periodically they also visit our farms in Greece.