Snail Farming Services

In onefoot we breed and market our own edible snails. We also specialize in the provision of services related to all stages of breeding and trading snails.

Our extensive experience and up-to-date training from the education centre C.F.P.P.A in Chateaufarine, means we have acquired a wealth of expertise and know-how on the complete cycle from reproduction to harvest.

In the following sections you will find further information about the services we provide whether you are interested in getting involved with snail breeding, whether you are a professional breeder interested in developing your existing infrastructure or whether you are interested in collaborating with us.

ATTENTION: There is no official representative of the C.F.P.P.A in Greece. We are one of the few organisations, which keep their training and knowledge up to date and maintain a cooperative relationship with the training centre.



The basic differences between the open-type and closed-type farms are shown below








Approx. 850kg per annum

Approx. 4,000kg per annum

Safety / Protection

No protection against predators

Complete protection against predators

No protection against the strong sunlight in Greece

Complete protection as netting used provides 90% shade

No protection against adverse weather conditions

Good protection against strong winds and extreme temperatures.


Usually don’t exist. If they do, capacity may approach that of closed-type farms under certain conditions.

With the appropriate nests, losses are reduced to a minimum.



Usually not used. Usually only used if the farm is equipped with nests.

Using proper aliment we cover 50% of the parameters required for good production



On the following page you can see the full range of services we offer.


Our know-how on snail farming allows us to provide a range of services suitable for both new and existing snail farmers.

Snail Farm Constructions

Onefoot has developed partnerships with companies with expertise in the construction of closed-type and open-type snail farms. Closed-type farms are in the form of a greenhouse.

We aim to provide potential breeders with everything they need, to be able to go into production under the proper guidance. It is of utmost importance for those getting involved in snail farming for the first time to see positive results immediately.

The greenhouse structures at onefoot snail farm have been officially approved by the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, exempting us from requiring construction permission. This approval is necessary for a farm to be provided with an operating license.

 Snail Farm construction service offering:

  • suitability evaluation of the intended space
  • preliminary survey for the installation of the breeding unit and auxiliary areas
  • obtaining pre-approval for construction license
  • preparation of the installation space
  • sourcing of necessary materials
  • construction of the greenhouse
  • construction/design of the auxiliary space
  • interior design / nests, alleys
  • electrical installations
  • watering system installation
  • any remaining issues
  • project delivery
  • general advice on the use of the materials
  • obtaining operating licence

The above services are customized according to the requirements of the prospective breeder, on request they may also be provided in part.

 Additional services are provided as follows:

  • Expertise on breeding issues (further analysis below)
    • one day seminar (8 hours) – free to those who own breeding units that we have constructed or modified
    • seminar on our premises (5 days)
    • seminar on breeders premises (3 days)
    • farm management throughout the entire breeding period (see below)
    • Consultancy services on operational activities
      • Operational procedures ISO 9001
      • Electricity supply from DEH
      • Water supply from mains or from drilling
      • Construction
        • Fencing of the area
        • Other constructions in the wider area of the installation


Please contact us for further information

Snail Farm Management & Modifications

Snail Farm Management

The management of snail farms is a unique service provided by onefoot for the first time in Greece. Many years of extensive research has led to the development of innovative expertise and we can undertake the entire management of your snail farm by providing qualified personnel, therefore minimizing your involvement with snail breeding. This service is aimed at those who wish to invest in snail farming but are not able to or do not wish to undertake the running of the farm.

Snail Farm Modifications

Onefoot undertakes the modification of older installations in order to solve production problems or increase the breeding capacity of the farm. This service is offered together with FREE seminars on breeding issues in the form of a question answer session and the opportunity to resolve existing issues..

Education & Training

At our farm

If you wish to learn more about the whole process of breeding snails from beginning to end, we run a 5-day seminar at our farm.  Here, you will learn in detail about the process of fattening and you will also be taught about the preceding and subsequent phases so as to understand the complete breeding cycle. Our seminars, depending on the number of participants, can be adapted to suit your specific needs in order to gain maximum benefit from this training. The seminar includes theoretical and practical training related to snails and breeding and a comprehensive range of audio-visual materials ensure the maximum educational experience.

These seminars are only run at our Marathon snail farm. Please contact us for further information

At your farm

Let us bring our extensive knowledge and expertise on snails and breeding methods to your farm. Over the course of 3 days we will work together on your premises and you will have the opportunity to resolve all your issues.

To run a seminar at your farm we need at least three weeks prior notice. The cost of this service depends on the length of the seminar plus the basic travel and accommodation expenses.

Tailor-made courses

We also run seminars frequently throughout the year in Athens and Thessalonica. These include the theory related to snails (anatomy, behavior) and farming methods. Also, we can run a tailor-made course on snail farming to suit your specific needs; however, this will only be run in Athens for groups of at least two people.

For further information please contact us.